about Time Zero Capital

Time Zero Capital LP partners with remarkable founders to build responsible and
promising technology businesses.



HIstorical investments

Time Zero Capital brings inception capital to remarkable founders designing a better world - one we shape with care, inventiveness, and a hint of fairy dust.
Climate Science
Frontier Technologies
Enterprise SaaS

our Guiding Values

Operate With Integrity

We value ethical & moral decision-making, transparency, and steady communication when solving challenges as a team. Adhering to a strong moral compass is non-negotiable and should be embedded in company culture.

Embrace Kaizen

We embrace Kaizen - a concept of continuous improvement in our working practices. We value solving problems, embracing improvements, and striving to be better individually and as a team.

Cultivate Leaders

We partner with founders with unlimited aptitude to learn, grow, and adapt. It is our responsibility to help leaders evolve to build technological innovations that shape the enduring businesses of tomorrow.

Relationships Matter

We believe relationships transcend institutions. We do not simply invest in transactions. We invest in people. No amount of capital or time competes with dedicated, remarkable people.

Reflect On Mistakes

We're human. We make mistakes. It's whether we recognize them and reflect on the learning. Why do we fall? Perhaps it's to learn to pick ourselves back up.

Respect One Another

We value new, creative, and disruptive ideas just as much as we value mutual respect, trust, and humility among founders, employees, and investors.

Our Team

Dinesh Moorjani
Founding Partner
Shan Yu
Geoff Trukenbrod